450 years of experience. A global trading dream-team with 12 years of industry awards. One of the world’s most advanced trading support systems. All dedicated to helping the Foundation change lives.

About the Flying Trader 2 Project

Greg Secker, a master trader and experienced helicopter pilot, has over the past decade assembled a trading team with over 450 years combined experience. Greg’s philosophy of Learn, Earn, Return is exemplified in this project which provides both profits and education to you, as well as using the commissions generated and the profits of Greg and his team to power the works of the Foundation. Greg will be trading the markets from the skies over London, and broadcasting his trades along with those of his team direct to his select guests on the Flying Trader. Last time the project raised over half a million pounds for children at home and abroad – this time the sky is the limit! To secure your place, either in person or via live webinar, click here.

About the Greg Secker Foundation

Founded by Greg to help disadvantaged people around the world, the Foundation has already provided over £2 million of aid to a number of worthwhile cases at home and abroad. From coaching children in need here in the UK, building a hospital and an entire village in The Philippines to providing technology and medical aid in Africa, the work the Foundation has done has benefited thousands of people. The Foundation is committed to direct and sustainable support, and the Flying Trader with its win-win approach that benefits both it supporters and its recipients is the perfect illustration of this.


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